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Membership to Slavjane Folk Ensemble is welcoming to all ages regardless of past experience in dance, music, or the performing arts.  So whether you are thinking of joining, having your child learn cultures and perform, or would like your whole family participate in an awarding experience, contact us today to receive more information.  We look forward to hearing from you!
Lifelong friendships and even marriages have been created throughout the years of Slavjane's existence.  While all of the benefits of becoming a member are too long to list, here are some highlights:

Family Involvement
While it is not mandatory that parents become members, it is greatly encouraged.  As parents, we take our children to afterschool sports and other activities and watch them.  Rarely in today's society do we have an opportunity to participate in their activities.  Slavjane changes that.  You have the chance to learn with them and share the enjoyment of being on stage with them.  While it is a requirement that all members under 18 years old sing, dance, and learn an instrument, the older members get to choose.  Worried about strenuous dance?  Don't be.  Our instructors choreograph sets to every level.  The entire ensemble rehearse the first Thursday of the month and the children rehearse every Thursday.

Excellent Return on Investment
Membership dues are currently $40 per month.  Most dance schools and private music lessons charge that per session.  The membership includes instruction on music, dance, as well as singing and costumes.  Purchasing or renting an instrument is not covered by the membership dues.  Discounts are available for families with more than one member.
(*The chart above lists $5/hour for comparitive reasons.  We collect dues on a monthly basis.  $5/hour was calculated by dividing $40/month into 4 weeks at $10/week and then, eventhough rehearsals last more than two hours, we divided $10 by  two hours.)

Learn Foreign Cultures
While you might not learn how to fluently speak Eastern European languages, you will learn to sing in them.  Our instructors teach not only the cultural differences between countries, but even the regional differences within them.  

Grow Public Presentation Skills and Self Confidence
Slavjane performs regulary throughout the year.  Our members excel at a very young age the ability to be in front of hundreds of people and confidently perform.  They are taught "Stage Presence" and this extremely important skill lasts a lifetime.  Whether it is giving a presentation at a business meeting, presenting yourself with confidence at a job interview, or even giving a toast at a wedding, the confidence developed from being on stage will never leave you.

Homeshool/Cyberschool Fulfillments
Recognized as Fine Arts, Slavjane Folk Ensemble can help fulfill your requirements for Home Education Programs.  Your children will learn a musical instrument, be taught music theory, and sing.  Please contact us and we can put you in touch with current members that have their children in Home Education Programs.

Higher Education Scholarships
52 of our members have applied and received university scholarships from their performance training at Slavjane through the Tamburitzans.  For more information on the Tamburitzan scholarship click here.
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